WELSH WRESTLING - The Home of Pro Wrestling in Wales
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The Superstars of Welsh Wrestling provides the premier brand of professional wrestling in Wales, and we are proud to be the only promotion that covers the entire country. We promote wrestling events all over Wales, from Swansea to Wrexham, Porthcawl to Porthmadog, Rhyl to Maesteg, Cardiff to Fishguard and many towns in between. So if you want to check out a wrestling show in Wales, just come check out The Superstars of Welsh Wrestling and one of our many fun packed  live events as we entertain thousands of wrestling fans each year.
Welsh Wrestling is where the foundations of modern day wrestling in Wales were built. From the first show in Kenfig Hill in February 2005 , to many other shows around Wales, Welsh Wrestling was the catalyst for the transformation of professional wrestling in Wales, and gave a stage to many talented stars, such as Kade Callous, James Mason, Bison Brody, Magico, Tommy Dean, Big Dog, John Titan, Kid Cymru and Stevie Starr, as well as introduced Wales to international stars such as Billy Kidman, Joe E Legend and Chad Collyer. Since 2009, Welsh Wrestling has also been an official member of the UEWA (Union of European Wrestling Alliances) representing the country of Wales all over Europe. And as of the summer of 2010, The Welsh Wrestling Academy opens its doors, providing the top wrestling training in Wales for aspiring wrestlers.
Welsh Wrestling's roots have always been family-orientated wrestling, and we plan to stick to those same roots, providing wrestling fans with a great, fun-packed evening of pro wrestling every time!
WELSH WRESTLING - The Premier Brand of Wrestling in Wales!!
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